15-Minute POTTY BREAK or Visit

This brief drop-in can be used for “just the basics” kitty care (food, water refresh and litter scooping), or for pups who need to run off steam in the backyard, take an express walk around the block (single dog only), or receive mid-day medication/meals. No extra charge for additional pet in the home.


30-Minute visit or PRIVATE walk

Whatever your wigglebottoms or fluffy buns need within a 30-minute session: walk, potty break, food, water, medication, litter box scooping, playtime, or backyard exercise. There is no extra charge for administering medications or fluids or for additional pets; however, for walks please add $5 for each additional dog from the same home (maximum 3).



45-Minute visit or Private Walk

Same service options as the 30-minute session. This may be the best option for multiple-pet homes, animals requiring fluids or medication, or dogs who need both a walk and meals or other attention. No extra charge for additional pets at home, but please add $5 each for a second or third family dog on walks.


60-Minute visit or PRIVATE walk

Do your fluffy buns need a little extra snuggle-time when you're away? Does your wigglebottom have a lot of wiggle to work out during the day? A full hour may be the ticket. An hour also allows for an on-leash adventure walk at your nearest park! For your dog's safety, we don't offer off-leash dog park outings. 



Sleepover at OUR Home

Fee is for first dog, per day (24-hours*). Please add $25 for second and third dog from same family, per day. First cat is $35 per day; second cat is $15. Due to high demand and limited space, please add 20% holiday* fee for stays that include any of the following holiday/peak periods in 2019: May 24-27, July 4-7, August 30 - September 2, November 27 - December 1, and December 21, 2019 - January 2, 2020.  Book early!

*24-hour fee includes 2-hour grace period. For 2-10 hours beyond full 24-hour period, please add $25. After 10 hours, client is billed for another full day.



Play dates are our favorite parts of the day! Dogs and puppies with compatible temperaments are hand-selected to attend supervised play sessions in a private, safe, and fully-enclosed yard. Pick-up and return transportation is complimentary for 45-minute or 1-hour play dates, and travel time does not count against the amount of time booked for play.

  • $32 for 45-minutes play time and round-trip transportation

  • $40 for 1-hour play time and round-trip transportation




$25 for a 30-minute trip within 98106, 98116, 98126, 98136 and 98146. For additional drive or wait time, add $10 billed in 15-minute increments. Same rate for pick-up/drop-off of your pets before/after a sleepover at my home.